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The PT&C CostBook features over 35,000 location-specific and searchable unit line items, including pricing for the emergent, high-demand construction materials that are commonly included in modern construction, so you can have confidence that your design is accurately aligned with your budget. Using PT&C’s cost estimating tools, confidently validate contractor bids, conduct what-if analyses, and value engineer your projects.

Hardhat on blueprints
Hardhat on blueprints



  • Access over 35,000 searchable unit line items, with location-specific costs covering all 50 states
  • Pricing for emergent, high-demand construction materials such as concrete siding, composite materials, and green building materials
  • Review and modify individual cost components
  • Cost items include material-only costs and dedicated work breakdown structure
  • Review, modify and price individual cost components
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  • Access your estimates and collaborate with your team from anywhere
  • Access and review your estimates in a single interface via our dashboard view
  • Collaborate and co-edit virtually with your team, with updates occurring in real time
  • Save time by importing existing cost or estimates from Microsoft Excel or MII
  • Link and store your estimate-supporting documents within your estimates
  • Easily access historical estimates
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