CostBook Overview

With the most detailed construction cost data available, our out-of-the-box solution features approximately 40,000 searchable unit line items researched, validated, and routinely updated by experienced cost engineers. That’s right, we have the manpower to source the information needed to back our technology up. PT&C CostBook features intuitive and flexible organization of cost items so that you can find what you need faster. Printed books have their place, but they are not an efficient way to lookup and organize data. When you use CostBook with CostPro, you’ll be able to build a shopping list of materials and labor costs and move that over to any project you’re working on within clicks.

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The most detailed construction cost data available

Approximately 40,000 searchable unit line items, with location-specific costs covering all 50 states

Cost data for modern construction materials

Pricing for emergent, high-demand construction materials such as concrete siding, composite materials, and green building materials

Superior task interface

Users can review and modify individual cost components

Intuitive and flexible organization of cost items

Cost items include material-only costs and dedicated work breakdown structure

Accurate and transparent cost data

All tasks include material detail, giving you the ability to review, modify and price individual cost components — That means that our cost book doesn’t rely on averages and we give you the power to modify numbers if it’s needed

Cloud-based Technology

Developed on the latest technology to address modern-day estimation needs

To learn more about cost data, click here to find a great Wikipedia resource page.
Or check out Marquette University’s write up located here