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Decades of providing field service and advanced software solutions in support of cost estimating libraries. PT&C’s cost engineers are skilled in the use of a variety of estimating tools, including MII and PACES, among others. Because of this experience, our team developed cloud applications with the entire construction cost lifecycle in mind. Prioritizing the development of project items, libraries, crews as assemblies, customized WBSs, and cost estimating reports.

We’re no strangers to the needs of government agencies and believe our platform can be tailored to fit teams of all sizes. Data accuracy, process efficiency, and security are our top priorities.

Hardhat on blueprints
Hardhat on blueprints



  • Access your estimates and collaborate with your team from anywhere
  • Access and review your estimates in a single interface via our dashboard view
  • Collaborate and co-edit virtually with your team, with updates occurring in real time
  • Save time by importing existing cost or estimates from Microsoft Excel or MII
  • Link and store your estimate-supporting documents within your estimates
  • Easily access historical estimates
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  • Access over 35,000 searchable unit line items, with location-specific costs covering all 50 states
  • Pricing for emergent, high-demand construction materials such as concrete siding, composite materials, and green building materials
  • Review and modify individual cost components
  • Cost items include material-only costs and dedicated work breakdown structure
  • Review, modify and price individual cost components
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